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A Bit of History

A classic sports car hire business may seem an unlikely venture for a woman but I have always had a passion for classy transport be it motor cycles, classic sports cars, sleek and elegant cars like my Bentley or fun cars like the Morris Minor Convertible.
My first love was my custom-built Harley Davidson which I rode to rallies and toured Europe on for many years, as well as many happy hours spent riding around Yorkshire. The bike won many prizes at shows and appeared in a lot of magazines - all fantastic and memorable times.
I also entered my husbands very well 'sorted' sports car, an MGC, in the 1995 Classic Cup. We drove 3000 miles through France and Switzerland with much of it in the Alps following the old rally routes from the 60's. We stayed at the most beautiful hotels and drove through some marvelously scenic countryside, with a grand finish at the Fountain in Monte Carlo. It was an amazing experience and it really fired my interest in classic sports cars.

 If you think you might like to hire the MGC, let me know and I'll see about moving the restoration up my priority list!

<-----  1969 MGC GT
3 litre straight six
I am rebuilding this car at the moment and hope to have this classic sports car for hire next year

  1976 Corvette Stingray ----->
in the  anniversary paint scheme.
A tragic day for me when I had to sell her.


car above by - Doug Smith
MG Motorsport 
 01442 832019

I am giving serious consideration to rebuilding my MGC as a Sebring replica.

<--- I haven't decided yet whether to go for a tradtional British racing Green or a more adventurous gunmetal grey.  ---->

The latter may be slightly more in keeping with the car as she was originally grey, albeit a rather unatractive Battleship Grey!


car above by - Doug Smith
MG Motorsport 
 01442 832019

My next really special car was my 1976 Anniversary Model Corvette that I had for about three years. She was a fabulous car, with a 5.7L V8 engine, a real head turner and would have been ideal for the sports car hire business as the engine was a bit softer than my present Corvette. Unfortunately I had to sell her when things got a bit tough, as the euphemism goes!
Since then I have built up quite a collection of beautiful classic sports cars and, with a few recent additions, I decided it was time to share them by starting a self-drive classic car hire business.

My Triumph TR6, probably the definitive affordable British sports car of the 70's, is an Arizona car, so she has never seen any weather and consequently has never seen a welder either since she left the factory! 
I recently bought an Alfa Romeo Spider, a car that I have always loved. They are so stylish, and in a way that only the Italians can do. It is really driveable and, whilst it is definitively not a 'girls car' in any disparaging way , I would recommend it to all you girls out there who want to enjoy the drive and make an impression when you arrive!
Needless to say, my favourite car is my Corvette Stingray. I finally replaced my lost love with a beautiful 1981 model in graphite grey and she really flies (and even goes round corners!) -  the car section of the website gives details of all the work she has had done.

I originally thought of calling my business Classic Sports Car Hire Yorkshire, but whilst the Bentley Eight may generously be considered a Sports Saloon, any sporting pretensions for the Morris Minor would be extremely tenuous!
So Classic Car Hire Yorkshire it is.

Have a look at the car section on my website as I'm sure there will be something you would like to hire. It doesn't have to be a special occasion like a birthday, wedding or anniversary; perhaps you want to try out a classic sports car before you commit to ownership, or just fancy a good old-fashioned weekend away in something with a lot more character than the motor industries' current faceless offerings.