1936 Rover 10

About the car

If you want a truly vintage driving experience then survivor is the car for you!

I bought this car from a friend locally who has had her in his barn for years. She has plenty of ‘patina’ but is absolutely solid. We spent a couple of hours cleaning out the carburettor, the fuel pump, the points and the thermostat housing. Then we fitted a new battery and she fire straight up.

With live axles on leaf springs front and back, drum brakes all round operated by rods and no power steering or servo assistance! This is real driving. Interestingly, she is a treat to drive and handles very well. She tracks in a straight line and doesn’t wallow about in spite of being eighty years of age.

We have updated all the lighting to LED within the original lamps so, her originality has been maintained but you can actually be seen!

Exciting Driving!

Road testing revealed a VERY noisy differential which we cured by rebuilding it with new bearings and it’s now silent. She runs as sweet as a sewing machine on the original engine and gearbox. The Rover Freewheel mechanism is also working which gives you really sweet clutch-less gear changes even though the car has a crash box. For the uninitiated younger drives, a ‘crash box’ means that the gearbox has no synchromesh so you have the time the road speed and engine revs to a perfect match or the gears crunch horribly. The Freewheel system does what the synchromesh does in a modern gearbox.


Day Rate — £240

Additional Days — £150

Excess Mileage — £1.50

This vehicle is only available locally and with a pre-agreed overall mileage. The mileage limit is reduced on this car because of it’s age – this is an experience not a journey 🙂


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