V8 Rat Rod

About the car

We  built this beauty in 2014 ready for my lad’s prom. William passed his test back in 2015 and used his Rat Rod to get to school – why wouldn’t you 🙂

Based on a 1954 Riley saloon and converted to a pick-up truck in true hillbilly style we originally built her with a 1938 Ford V8 flathead engine, with the exhaust exiting skyward through a couple of tractor stacks. The pick-up bed is hand-fashioned from crates and is ideal for running moonshine, although not recommended if you want to stay on the right side of the law! William is now older so the car has been re-engined with a 5 Litre Ford V8 along with a Salisbury axle, with Watts linkage, to keep thing tidy in corners! Most of the panel work is hand crafted, as are the two Bomber Seats in the front. She has few creature comforts other than a good sound system and a heater, which is more than most rat rods have.


If you are coming from any distance you may find our on-site accommodation a pleasant addition to your hire.www.classiccarhireyorkshire.co.uk/accommodation-dining


Day Rate — £315

Additional Days — £215

Excess Mileage — £2.15

Bond/Deposit £1500 (pre-authorised against a credit card)