V8 Rat Rod

About the car

We  built this beauty in 2014 ready for my lad’s prom.  Based on a 1954 Riley saloon and converted to a pick-up truck in true hillbilly style she has a 1938 Ford V8 flathead engine with the exhaust exiting skyward through a couple of tractor stacks. The pick-up bed is hand-fashioned from crates and is ideal for running moonshine, although not recommended if you want to stay on the right side of the law!

She has a bench seat in the front and can accommodate three people if you are all skinny, otherwise she is a generous two seater. She has few creature comforts other than a good sound system and a heater, which is more than most rat rods have.

William has now passed his test and uses his Rat Rod to get to school – why wouldn’t you 🙂

If you are coming from any distance you may find our on-site accommodation a pleasant addition to your hire.www.classiccarhireyorkshire.co.uk/accommodation-dining


Day Rate — £315

Additional Days — £215

Excess Mileage — £2.15

Bond/Deposit £1500 (pre-authorised against a credit card)

At the moment his vehicle is only available locally and with a pre-agreed overall mileage. The mileage limit is reduced on this car because of it’s age – this is an experience not a journey 🙂

This winter (2016), if things go to plan, we are upgrading to a 302ci Mustang engine so the Rat Rod will move to the standard mileage limits of 150 miles on the first day and 100 per day thereafter as it will be a far more capable vehicle. Happy Days!