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65 Mustang Fastback Restoration Update

It’s a while since I added anything to the site about this restoration so I thought a few pictures would be in order. Chris has really gone to town on this car; she has been media blasted to bare metal inside and out and there is not a single piece of the car that hasn’t been removed from the shell!

There are some pictures of the shell being stripped to bare metal, and the panel beating that went on to get her straight. A few of the upholstery being done and some nice ones of the hand fabricated air duct connectors to replace the crappy plastic ones supplied as ‘genuine items’.

She is now going back together resplendent in her original red paint. Real Steel are on with the motor and it looks like Chris has opted for the 331 cubic inch which puts out around 400bhp. I’m not so sure about keeping the original drum brakes on the front though and am trying to persuade him to abandon originality in favour of survival 🙂 He has already upgraded the steering to rack and pinion from the old steering box, with all the inherent sloppiness, so what do a few disc brakes matter. I also want a five speed gearbox fitting to give her longer legs when cruising but Chris wants to keep the original 4-speed toploader. My view – what does it matter; it is either original or updated. Either way it is beautiful.

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